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Not like this before - poem by Rumi

This poem is one of the most beautiful and magical poems by Rumi. Watch the video and listen to the poem as featured on the CD "A gift of Love". Let your desire leap from your heart and flow with the wind.

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Not Like This Before: Lyrics

I wasn't like this before.
I wasn't out of my mind and senses.

Once I used to be wise like you, not crazy, insane and broken down like I am now.

I wasn't the admirer of life which has no trace, no being.
I used to ask :
"Who is this?
What is that?,"
and search all the time.

Since you have wisdom,
sit and think
that probably I was like this before.
I haven't changed much.

I used to try
to make myself better than everybody.
I hadn't been hunted
with the ever-growing Love before.

I tried to rise above the sky
with my ambition
yet I didn't know.

I was just wandering in the desert.

At the end,
I have raised a treasure from the ground.

Divani Shamsi Tarbrizi,
from "Magnificent One",
by Nevit Orguz Ergin.

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