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There is a growing range of literature and art available about Rumi, his life and his love poems.
Some top recommended Rumi books and other Rumi-related products are listed below.


The essential Rumi

The Essential Rumi
by Jalal Al-Din Rumi, John Moyne (Translator), A. J. Arberry (Translator), Nicholson, Coleman Barks

No translator could do greater justice to the gorgeous simplicity of Rumi's poetry than Coleman Barks has done here.

Love Poems of Rumi

The Love Poems of Rumi
by Jalal Al-Din Rumi, Deepak Chopra (Translator), Fereydoun Kia (Translator)

These sensual poems are not so abstract that they are difficult to interpret. Read them to a lover and watch them blush and smile. After all poetry is a brilliant way to make love!

The forbidden Rumi

The forbidden Rumi
by Nevit O. Ergin

The Suppressed Poems of Rumi on Love, Heresy, and Intoxication (Paperback).

Rumi - Poet of the Heart

Rumi- Poet of the Heart
by Coleman Barks, Deepak Chopra, et al.

Video (VHS).

Truly inspiring, with gorgeous music and dance footage. Everyone should check out this video.

The Illustrated Rumi

The Illustrated Rumi :
A Treasury of Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul
by Jalalu'ddin Rumi (Author), Philip Dunn (Author)Translator, Manuela Dunn Mascetti Translator, Huston Smith Introduction

For those who know Rumi, here at last is a translation and presentation whose majesty match the wisdom of the message. For those who do not yet know Rumi, this exquisite book opens a window to insights that will always be treasured.

Rumi - we are three

Rumi: We Are Three
by Coleman Barks

It has some of his most captivating poems, is very affordable and is high quality for a paperback.


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Rumi calendar 2013

Rumi 2013 Wall Calendar

Rumi's poetry, along with Michael Green's magical art, makes this calendar a classic guide to the life of the soul for a whole new generation of seekers.

Rumi calendar 2013

Rumi 2012 Wall Calendar

In the Rumi: Heart of the Beloved 2012 Wall Calendar, Rumi's poems are paired with exquisite Persian miniatures.


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